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Is Your Company’s Profit “Planned For” or is it “Hoped For”?

Profit is the key to long term success in any business. Large corporations fanatically focus on achieving their profit goals. Most small business owners only hope they will have profits. There is something wrong with this picture!

Small business owners wear many different hats in their business. While this is good in that a small business owner knows best how to produce, sell, or market their product or service, the problem is that their financial ability hat is usually worn very little. Most small business owners are weak at understanding the financials of their business. They often make decisions based only upon the amount of funds in their bank accounts. Running a business solely upon what’s in your bank account eventually leads to problems.

Financial Expertise

Using an accountant/bookkeeper only to keep straight your debits and credits is like bringing your own food on a spectacular cruise. You will be fed, but you will miss out on all the good that is available. Accountants and bookkeepers should not only ensure your debits and credits are correct; they should be providing you knowledge that enables you to make better financial decisions. This knowledge and information enables you to plan and engineer your profit, not just hope for some profit.

Financial Wisdom


Take your current financial understanding to the next level with On Target Tax & Accounting. We will help you gain financial wisdom concerning your business. With financial wisdom, you will more easily make and understand decisions that help ensure more profit. Where on the Wisdom Pyramid are you?


Allows You to Focus On What You Do Best

There are only so many hours within a day, and far too few for most small business owners. The qualified assistance of On Target Tax & Accounting helps free up more of your time to focus on what you do best. Let our financial experts become a part of your team to help grow the profits in your business.

Call On Target Tax & Accounting and learn how we can help you become more profitable.

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