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Don’t allow your company growth to be stunted by a lack of financing!
Annie’s Bookkeeping & Payroll can help. With brilliant partners throughout the lending industry, we can help you get the financial assistance you need to help your business grow and expand.

– Begin in just one minute
– Terms flexible
– Funding options for every situation

– Saves you money and time
– Approval is quick

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Achieve Your Dreams & Goals

You need the funds to make your dreams and hopes come true. We know you need the money, and you need it fast. That’s a hard place to be. We’d love to help and earn your trust. Working with us, you’ll find the best resources to meet your business’s financial needs.

Top Quality Service

We’ll be honest, not everybody we work with gets financing. But we tell them exactly why, which makes a huge difference. We will help you navigate the murky waters to land successfully. We can help you with a small business development loan, private funding, or any other commercial purposes.

It Just Takes a Minute

The icing on the cake: you don’t pay Annie’s Bookkeeping & Payroll anything when we get a lender to finance your loan. Lenders find our preparation, underwriting, and time for your loan request so helpful, they compensate us at no additional cost to you. We only earn money when you get the loan at the rate and term you want. That’s right—we only win when you do. We’re invested in your success.

Types of Loans

Funding Options for Every Situation
  • $100 thousand to $100 million
  • Conventional loans
  • Small business loans
  • USDA rural development loans
  • Construction loans
  • Bridge loans
  • Investor property
  • Business acquisition
  • Working capital
  • New business start up
  • Debt refinance
  • Equipment lease

Have Questions? Call 541-247-8101

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